Corporate Governance

Participation Controlling

Capital Management

Depending on the size and number of participations, as well as the holding structure, the management of participations takes on various forms.

The tasks of participation management encompass different functions such as management, legal, M&A, taxes, finance, and controlling. At a certain scale, a dedicated department may even be established to oversee the management of participations.

MAQWISE controls and monitors activities related to the maintenance and administration of all relevant information concerning corporate participations. This includes key performance indicators as well as data on board memberships, corporate documents, meeting dates, and deadlines.

The services also encompass organizing and accompanying shareholder meetings, establishing standardized participation controlling processes, and supporting the participation strategy.

MAQWISE also coordinates the preparation of the annual financial statements.

Your benefits:
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Controlling & Reporting
  • Support for strategic growth
  • Representation in Board of Directors and Supervisory Board Meetings
  • On-site support