About company

Consulting Company
for IT and Tech Companies

MAQWISE is a consulting company with a broaden international network as well as experiences and provides consulting services primarily in four areas, focusing on IT, Digitalisation and Tech companies:

  • Merger & Acquisitions

  • Leverage Valuation

  • Participation Management

  • Offshoring

What does make MAQWISE different?
• We are an independent consulting company
• Our expertise focuses on IT, Digitalization and Tech companies
• Our cross-border footprint covers Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, Qatar as well as Dubai
• We understand hidden champions and act as a sparring partner
• Our wide digital network platform leads to best strategic partner

Our clients are primarily start-ups, mid-sized companies, private equities, family offices as well as strategic or financial investors. We guide corporates and strategic or financial investors for the optimal business structure and during the entire sell and buy side process. MAQWISE acts as sparring partner (one face to customer) and accompanies from opportunity analysis, identification and assessment of potential targets, target analysis and valuation, due diligence, transaction structure and negotiation through to deal completion.

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