Lack of resources, access to specialization and expertise, risk reduction or shortage of skilled labor, there are many important reasons for offshoring. Offshoring can occur either in the form of outsourcing or establishing a company in abroad. The reasons for offshoring can be diverse, including the need to reduce costs, leverage technological advancements, or enhance productivity. Offshoring provides companies with the opportunity to access missing resources, specialized expertise, or skilled labor, thereby gaining competitive advantages. Companies either opt for outsourcing specific business functions to external service providers or establish their own entity to operate there.


MAQWISE supports you in providing services such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Marketing & Advertising, as well as Data Processing and Data Analysis.

This list is not final and depending on the industry and business needs, other functions can also be successfully outsourced.

Company Building

Alternatively, you can choose to establish your own company or participate in an existing company to provide shared services or act as a production site.

MAQWISE supports you in the company formation process and assists you in building your business.

In both cases, MAQWISE supports you as a sparring partner from identifying until fullfilling of your needs.

Your benefits:
  • Extensive experience in identifying your needs and defining the offshoring strategy
  • Creating a requirement matrix and integrating it into your company structure
  • End-to-end process support
  • Dedicated key account manager as your personal point of contact
  • Extensive network and international presence for global coverage
  • On-site engagement with a dedicated team to effectively manage your offshoring activities